The Chestnut Gallery aspires to visually enrich our community by exhibiting local, regional and national artists focusing on a broad spectrum of media and expressive styles.

Leslie Schoen Photography Exhibition

"A Surreal Life: An Exploration into Composite Photography"
Exhibit runs October 4 - 31

Leslie Schoen was educated in the field of psychology, and for a number of years was a practicing licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Photography had always been a hobby of hers, but she began to focus more seriously on photography after taking time off of her job as a therapist to be home with her two daughters.

Leslie states, “I draw much inspiration as a photographer from this training, in what catches my eye and what resonates with me when working with people. I always felt it was an honor to get to talk intimately with people about the things in life that matter deeply. The things we all feel deeply. I like to capture glimpses of this in my photography.”

Many of her favorite images are freelensed, a technique in which a photograph is taken with the lens detached from the camera body, altering the plane of focus and creating a combination of spots of sharp and weak focus to create surreal imagery. In this composite series, Leslie has also enjoyed combining elements of different photos, as well as exploring mixing media and using iPad apps.

Artist Reception for Leslie Schoen, Friday October 4, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

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