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Winter Art Classes

Fundamentals of Portrait Drawing: Class fee $100
Instructor: Jason Cole
Tuesday: 6-8pm Material Fee: $15.00 (includes charcoals and rag paper; students expected to have their own sketch books and pencils). January 16 - February 20

Whether you have a knack for drawing or are still trying to figure it out, Fundamentals of Portrait Drawing will help you better capture the likeness and form of the human head. This class is designed for all levels of artists. The earlier sessions of the course focus on learning to better see the structure of the human head through the use of graphite. Later sessions will switch to drawing with charcoal with the goal of having the students complete a final portrait from their own photo.

The Art of Sequential Story Telling: Class fee $100
Instructor: Jason Cole
Thursday: 6-8pm Material Fee: $10.00 (includes bristol board and other support media). January 18 – February 22

Sequential Story Telling is the art of combining words and pictures. For some this means children’s books. For others, it could be comic books or graphic novels. In this class students focus on re-imagining characters from classic fairy tales. As the course progresses, students start to visualize the world in which those characters live. Story telling theories are explored through various drawing and sketching techniques with graphite and markers.

Mudslingers: A Clay Experience: Class fee $100
Instructor: Marty Yohn
Thursday: 6-8:30pm Material Fee: $50.00 (includes 25lbs of clay and glazes). January 18 – February 22

Mudslingers is a free form class for beginner and intermediate students of pottery and ceramics. The class covers the proper use of studio tools, equipment, and materials. Early projects focus on slab constructions, coil building, and combined techniques. Later, the course will introduce students to wheel throwing and theories and principles of glazing.

Into the Abstract: Class fee $100
Instructor: Leslie Snyder
Mondays: 6-8pm Material Fee: TBD (includes two 16 x 20" canvases, three 8 x8 " canvases, paper and paints; students expected to have their own pencils, erasers). January 15 – February 19

Into the Abstract is an opportunity to explore and experiment with acrylic paints. Course work explores history, trends, and techniques of abstract artists and paintings. Through intuitive and gestural mark making, students will find their inner artist and learn new ways to express themselves through three unique projects. No previous painting experience required!

Exploring Acrylic Paints: Class fee $100
Instructor: Sarah Pritzl
Wednesday: 6-8pm Material Fee: $35.00 (includes paints). January 17 – February 21

Exploring Acrylic Paints is a fun and open form class that allows students to work through various techniques and applications of acrylic paints. Students can focus on black and white pieces, layering colors, and/or applying 3-d textural elements. Sarah will push you to complete your own design or guide you through one of her designs with step by step instructions.

Cork & Canvas 3rd THURSDAYS!: $45 per person
Instructor: Sarah Pritzl
Thursday, January 18- 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Thursday, February 15- 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Get a group together and attend these pre-scheduled painting parties and connect with your inner artist. Walk away with your own masterpiece to showcase in your home! Wine, beer and light apps will be available! SPACE IS VERY LIMITED! CALL TO REGISTER.

An eight-week class for students ages 7-11
3:30-5:00 Tuesdays, January 23-March 13, 2018
Performance: March. 13 6:30 p.m.
Chestnut Avenue Center for the Arts
Edie Smazal, director
Contact information:
(715) 652-6641

-Every child is a star!
-We are acting, singing, and dancing in a 20-minute play that will bring musical 
joy to the whole family. 
-We have lots of fun together while we prepare for a performance on the last day.
-We make our own costumes with everyday materials.
-The script and music are sent home to practice between rehearsals.
-No limits on enrollment
-Attendance at each rehearsal is vital to the success of the production
-Submit registration form and fee to: Chestnut Center for the Arts
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$100 per child
$75 per child for family of two or more
Child’s name:_____________________________
Child’s age:________________
Parent name:________________________________
Address: ____________________________________
Phone number:_________________________
e-mail address:_______________________

TO REGISTER CALL: 715-389-8999 or email 
*Limited space available!

Norwegian Rosemaling

January 30, February 6, 13, 20, 27 and March 6

Rosemaling is a decorative folk art painting of Norway.  This decorative folk art class is open to beginners and for those who want to advance their skills.  Basic brush strokes and combinations will be taught.  These brush strokes are used in all the different ethnic folk art styles.  Using patterns as well as freestyle designs, you will produce a unique piece of art.

We will be studying the old Agder Rosemaling style that has a Telemark influence for inspiration for new designs.  

Class is in acrylics, Cost: $100    2 ½ hour classes   Includes project, brushes, paints for project and handouts

Two class options: Tuesdays 12:30-3 P.M. OR  6:30-9 P.M. 

To register or for further information:  Contact Carol Bender, instructor at (715) 315-0124 or 

Cork and Clay

A fun-filled evening for a group of individuals to create a masterpiece paired with delightful delicacies. 

*By appointment only.
Cost: $45 per person (includes supplies, light hors d'oeuvre and refreshments)

Birthday Parties: Un-wrap your CREATIVITY!

Plan an artistic and fun birthday party at Chestnut Center for the Arts! We will work with you to create a fun and artistic party for your little Picasso!

*By appointment only.
Cost: Will be determined based on the choice of activity (clay or painting) and number of participants.