The Chestnut Gallery aspires to visually enrich our community by exhibiting local, regional and national artists focusing on a broad spectrum of media and expressive styles.

Rita Hollingsworth

For the month of September, Chestnut Center for the Arts is happy to welcome artist Rita Hollingsworth and her latest exhibit, featuring a wonderful array of fabric pieces and paper sculptures! Rita’s exhibit will be running from September 6th through the 29th. The artist reception will be held on September 8th from 6 to 8 pm. Come in during our normal business hours or contact us to set up a time to come see this gorgeous exhibit!

Artist Statement

Stories make life fun for me, and stories are always in my work. Sometimes, I don’t see the story until the very end, and then… AH! There it is! I will fall in love with a piece of fabric, or I will see elements in the design that will just talk to me. Maybe I will have a memory, or an idea out of the blue will light a spark. I start fussy-cutting elements cut from various fabrics, wonderful bits and pieces of texture and color which I have to play with. I start to work on the major piece by adding and subtracting different elements until something sort of ‘pops’. That pop tells me that I’m at the beginning of my story, and from that point on, I work with my elements until I can feel a vibe that just… flows. Here is the point where I am storytelling, because now I have a destination that I can see in my head! My stories don’t have to be long or dramatic. Maybe its just sharing with you a thought, or a memory, or simply something that I once found to be wonderful.

I’m hoping that when you look at my work, you can see what I saw or felt. Perhaps it will spark a thought, memory or feeling of your own. Finding this art form late in life has brought endless hours of fun and, more importantly, a purpose.

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February/March - Christopher Sweet, "The Art of a Blue Bear"

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Once Loved Art

Get your art to us!
We're currently collecting donated art --now!

Chestnut Center's "Once Loved Art" sale takes your "retired" art that you've retrieved from the basement or back of the closet, and gives it new life, in someone else's home!

As we travel through life, many types of art touch us in special ways. Gifts of art are given with love. A special moment is remembered with an art piece. Someone creates a piece of art that we value. These all become a part of our home decor and valued treasures.

There is a time however, when we move on, and these things hold a different meaning, but their value does not diminish. Chestnut Center understands and wants to provide a way for you to give these valued art pieces a new life and a new home.

Retired art might take the shape of a piece of wall art, an antique quilt, a piece of lace or jewelry, a sculpture or other three-dimensional pieces, or maybe autographed sheet music.

Consider donating your once-loved art to Chestnut Center. Funds raised are used for educational programming in the arts.

Donated art can be dropped off at the Chestnut Center during regular office hours (Tuesday through Thursday, 10 am-3pm) or by appointment (715-389-8999).
Let us put your retired treasures back to work!

Chestnut Center's "Once Loved Art" Sale will be held at least once annually. Watch for it! Sign up for our email blasts to be notified. Also, a selection of this art is on display--and for sale-- in the Terrazzo Room year-round.

On Display in the Fireplace Room:

Gene Wesley

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